Topic 5 Simulation Activities

Duration: 5-10’

Activities description of theatrical action in an inclusive way

Step by step:

  1. All the people spread out in the classroom space, each person choosing the spot they want to stand.*
  2. The condition is that they are in a sea or lake or river (etc).
  3. Students close their eyes for a few minutes (up to 3′).
  4. Then they open them and start making eye contact with each other without moving from their position but turning to look at each other.
  1. Then the trainer designates one person or more (up to three) as a “spot of contamination”.
  2. The remaining people to prevent the spread of the “spot of contamination” go to the selected person (or people) and surround him/her (only with their torso) to prevent any movement in the space.
  3. The “contamination” begins to move, and the entire human circle that surrounds it moves with it. They move according to the beat of the music.
  4. The teacher then instructs the “contamination” to extend his/ her hand so that the radius of the surrounding human circle increases equal to the extent of the hand and continues to move in space.
  5. Finally, they stop moving and observe for a few minutes (up to 2′) the area of contamination that has been created in one circle, and the radius is defined by the extent of the “contamination” hand.

*relaxing music can be used

Duration of activity: 15-20′

Assessment of Unit

Duration: 5-10’
Students express in a large circle how they felt or what they understood.