Topic 5 Recommended Activities

Duration: 20’


Participants are divided into groups and have to create a short choreography in which they will represent a given reaction.

Step by step:

  1. At least two different reactions are shown.
  2. Participants are divided into working groups (they should be large enough to meet all the components or all the atoms of the components).
  3. The group should create a small choreography following the steps of creating choreographies.
  4. Each group will act out their reaction and the rest will try to guess it. (They can be as long as the participants decide).


The following example reactions are proposed

  • Combustion reaction of methane

CH4 (gas) + 2O2(gas) →CO2 (gas) + 2H2O (gas)

  • Decomposition reaction of ammonia

3H2(gas)+N2 (gas)↔ 2NH3(gas)

  • Water formation reaction

2H2(gas) + O2(gas)→H2O(gas)

Duration: 5-10’

Students express in a large circle how they felt or what they understood