Topic 4 Recommended Activities

Duration: 10’


Participants are divided into preferably even groups, all of them will need writing materials and the aim is for them to develop a 4-step secret handshake, in this case using the 4x4x4 technique.

Step by step:

  1. Participants are separated into even groups.
  2. They are given the objective to create a secret greeting with 4 steps and for this they will use the 4x4x4 method.
  3. They are given 2 minutes to individually create their 4-step greeting.
  4. Each pair has 2 minute to choose 4 of the steps you have written previosly individually.
  5. The whole group in 2 minutes must choose the final greeting from the ones they have been selected

Duration: 5-10’

Students express in a large circle how they felt or what they understood