Topic 3 Choreography in dance

Choreography is the art or practice of designing movement sequences of physical bodies. Choreographies can be used in many fields, in this case we are going to compile the necessary steps to create one:

  1. Select a musical rhythm. Allows you to set the rhythm and even the steps to be used.
  2. Choose the song. Always try to find a song that conveys the message you want to transmit.
  3. Create the first steps. In this phase it is advisable to let the body express itself without a specific purpose.
  4. Write down the steps. It is important to write down the steps you have taken to avoid forgetting them.
  5. Record the choreography. It is useful to check if the selected steps are really being executed and to check if the sensations when it is executed are correct.
  6. Practice. It is important to repeat the choreography to perfect the movements.