Topic 2 Steps of the creative process

  1. Questioning. The most important part of this phase is to identify a need or problem that requires a solution.
  2. Data collection. Information need to be collected about the problem, its needs or the methods that are being used right now.
  3. Incubation. The information collected must be assimilated; to do this, it requires “reflecting” on the problem, either actively or passively.
  4. “Enlightenment”. This phase is in which we see things clearly and the solution appears.
  5. Preparation. In this phase, the creative process is united with the innovative process. Innovation occurs when the idea materializes in a new process, good or service.
  6. Communication. Once the idea has been applied or implemented, it must be spread among all the people or entities involved. This process will generate certain modifications and adaptations to the original procedure or service, which will lead to a better adaptation to problem needs.