Topic 2 Introduction to Theatre of the Oppressed

The Theatre of the Oppressed(TO) is a participatory theater technique which fosters cooperative and democratic interaction among students.  TO invites people to become “spect-actors,” capable of taking action and using theatre as a rehearsal space for social transformation. 

TO involves the participation of different actors. Here is a list of the key actors in a typical TO production:

  1. Facilitator: A facilitator is responsible for guiding the participants through the process of creating and performing the play. They help to structure the rehearsals, lead warm-up activities, and facilitate
  2. Spect-actors: These are the audience members who actively participate in the performance. They are encouraged to stop the action and offer suggestions or solutions to the problems presented on stage.
  3. Actors: These are the performers who play the characters in the production. These could be Oppressors or Allies.
  4. Joker: These are the facilitators who guide the production and help to create a safe and supportive space for exploration and experimentation. They may also play various roles on stage, such as the oppressor or an ally to the oppressed.