Topic 2 AI and robots

  • AI and robots are related fields, yet they cannot be perceived as identical. AI is a broad field of computer science that relates with the system development that performs tasks of human-like intelligence whereas robots are physical machines that can be programmed to perform various tasks and actions.
  • Not all robots are AI-based, however many robots do incorporate AI technologies to some extent. For example, a robot that performs repetitive manufacturing tasks on an assembly line may not have any AI capabilities but may be programmed with pre-determined movements and actions. In contrast, a robot that is designed to interact with humans in a social setting, such as a humanoid robot, may require sophisticated AI algorithms to enable it to perceive and respond to human emotions and behaviours.
  • The combination of AI and robots is driving exciting developments and innovations, such as the development of autonomous vehicles, robotic surgeries, and intelligent personal assistants, yet there are concerns around its impact on employment, safety and ethics.