Topic 2 The major scale

If the chromatic scale represents the fundamental scale from which all other scales used to compose music within the Western musical system derive, the major scale is certainly the most important and most often used. Though derived from the chromatic scale, it comprises only some of its pitches. The most famous is certainly the C major scale that we have already introduced previously, when referencing the white keys on a piano. It is usually written using one of these two systems:


Do Re Mi Fa Sol (or So) La Si (or Ti) Do

It is a succession of seven different pitches plus the repetition of the first at the higher octave. This major scale, like all major scales, follows a precise construction rule that can be easily memorized by referring to the white keys of a piano. Actually, that can help us figure out that the distances between the notes must be: T T sT T T T sT – that is tone, tone, semitone, tone, tone, tone, semitone. But to better understand what these distances between notes are and what they are called, we need to introduce the concept of interval.