NAZARENO SOCIETÀ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE has been working since 1990 with people with disabilities trying to promote a new culture about disability, overcoming barriers between “disadvantaged people” and “the rest of the world”. The mission of Nazareno is to focus on each person, on their potential talents, paying attention to insert them in a stimulating context from a relational and cultural point of view. Nazareno works with people with disabilities, people with mental disorders, disadvantage and children with social or personal disadvantage. Nazareno is nowadays a group of 4 different Cooperatives offering people with disabilities and disadvantage multiple services and activities while keeping as a shared goal the welcome and well-being of each single person. Each cooperative is involved and propose numerous projects and activities starting from people’s needs and requests. The basic assumption under Nazareno ordinary activities and philosophy is that, despite initial limitation, it is always possible to pursue excellence. Culture and art are at the same time goal and the means. Through culture and art people have a chance for self-actualization. Nazareno has always involved schools at any level, other cooperatives, and centres in its activities to make and share inclusion among people with and without disabilities in a creative way: trough music, theatre, dance and workshops.