Coop. Soc. La Carovana

[Partner’s summary of their organisation] La Carovana Cooperative was formed in Modena on May 2, 1979 by a group of families and teachers animated by the desire to test educational responsibility in light of the Christian ideal, and interested in promoting the education and instruction of young people. We firmly believe that deep and sincere friendship between adult people is the greatest and most living source of education for us and our children.

The cornerstones on which Christian education still rests today, and on which all those who take the problem of education seriously can equally find themselves, are the need to be accepted, the search for meaning in our surroundings and in the events of life, the passion for beauty and truth, and the experience of sharing. This is how we would like to summarize them: “If He, the Lord, stooped over the little ones to mark the way for the big ones, you who do the same are made sign of a newness that like a wave spreads out, and it is the beginning of a more humane society because it is made up of people who are passionate about the destiny of men, having known the Factor that gives life and breath to everything” (Luigi Giussani, Letter to Educators).

In particular, we consider distinctive of our educational proposal the relationship between reason and faith, which, on one hand, sees in reason and reasoning the ability to integrate the data of reality, man’s needs, his feelings and his questions, all questions up to the ultimate questions about himself, his life, his task, his destiny; and which, on the other hand, sees in faith a hypothesis to be verified of an answer to the openness of question, which reason thus conceived constitutes, and which for this reason can grow as a capacity for critical judgment on experience.