THEAMA – Inclusive Theater (previously known as Theatre for Disabled persons) is the first professional, all-inclusive theater group, with disabled and non-disabled artists operating in Greece since 2010. THEAMA produces plays where most of the actors are people with disabilities, who are professional actors, registered with the Association of Greek Actors and compete in the field of performing arts as equals and within an all-inclusive framework.
THEAMA strives towards accessibility to the Arts since its establishment in 2010 and it operates as a non-government, non-profit organization with main objectives to include disabled performers in the mainstream, professional theater.
It strongly advocates the message that art is for all, anyone capable of maintaining the artistic and aesthetic values should be able to participate, and none excluded based on disability or other social biases. It is a prerequisite to include in the training courses and the productions 30% of non-disabled performers so that the inclusivity clause of the objectives is maintained, thus promoting social inclusion, and maintaining proper educational and pedagogical methods for the performing arts.
The disabled represent 9% of Greece’s population and as members of the society they have equal rights and responsibilities. This includes their right to study and work as professionals in the fields of performing arts and dance.
The Articles of its Charter clearly indicate and specify its objectives and functions as it was established to provide creative, cultural, artistic and educational activities related to the performing arts, including theater, television and film productions. It came about to fill the void that existed in the sector for the professional and career oriented approach for persons with a disability that are actively involved in the performing arts.
Since 2019 It operates ISON – Inclusive Training Lab, a training facility that teaches individuals on performing arts, dance, and kinesiology and it aspires to establish the first Drama Academy for disabled performers.