Module 3 Technology, music, and theatre

Responsible organization: CSI
Author: Iro Vasileiou


While technology and the arts may seem like opposite ends of the academic spectrum, there are distinct connections between them as well reported links that when enhanced, they can be deemed beneficial for student motivation in STEM subject.

Indeed, the incorporation of artistic techniques in teaching STEM subjects has been reported to be beneficial for secondary education students (Maslyk, 2018). That is specifically the case for the use of performing arts when teaching subjects relating to technology.

Learning Objectives

Module 3 aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To increase the educators’ ability to transfer information to the learners in a way that boosts the overall results in their studies and includes learners with disabilities.
  • To raise awareness about different perceptions of how subjects that would be very difficult to be taught through arts can be taught using theatre and music.
  • To increase the ability to motivate learners to continue studying and stir their curiosity for learning new things.