SUNRAISE- Stem Unlimited Raise thanks to Arts at School in Europe is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that runs from February 2022 to February 2024.

SUNRAISE wants to develop a set of training tools for secondary school teachers and educators to teach STEM subjects combined with artistic techniques, for instance Geometry and Music, Physics and Dance, Ecology and Theatre. Several challenges that are aimed to be tackled through SUNRAISE include climate change, health threats or inequality in accessing distance learning for students with disadvantages, which increase the risk of disengagement and drop out. It is necessary that young people combine knowledge with interdisciplinary competences to solve problems, participate actively and responsibly in society, think critically and creatively. Therefore, the priorities of SUNRAISE include the promotion of interest and excellence in STEM subjects and the adoption of the STEAM approach, as well as the support of teachers and school leaders. Moreover, SUNRAISE aims to foster inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training and youth. In this context, cultural and creative sector can give a unique contribution in developing ways of bridging creativity and arts with educational approaches. This approach will be even more effective for students with disabilities/SEN as the use of creativity and visual languages will improve their learning process even in difficult subjects such as science.


To improve teaching’s quality through innovative and alternative didactics that enrich STEM.

To integrate formal education with non formal education by professional artists and artists with disabilities, letting cultural and creative organisations play an active role in the recovery by starting new collaborations with the education sector to build a resilient society teaching with different artistic expressions, facilitating inclusive and participatory learning.

To help teachers develop their skills regarding STEM and creativity fostering creative thinking and sense of initiative, useful to find innovative solutions to individual and collective challenges

 To help students, including students with disabilities, SEN and/or social and economic disadvantage, to handle the pandemic social and emotional repercussions through new opportunities of self expression exploring contamination between STEM and arts

 To foster students’ awareness, relational and communication skills their ability to think out of the box


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EU needs analysis
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SUNRAISE e-platform
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SUNRAISE Training programme

The project curricula and modules contents are available by accessing the SUNRAISE platform
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Target groups


Secondary school teachers and educators, especially those working in associations with young people with disabilities, SEN or/and socioeconomic problems


Secondary school students benefiting from the implementation of the programme on STEM and arts.